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BorderBound Communications

Privacy Policy

Permission Marketing Policy 
      This permission marketing policy contains terms that are applicable to
      BorderBound, BorderBound's clients, and our clients' customers. Our clients
      use BorderBound's services as a solution to deliver permission-based
      personalized communications to their prospects and customers. BorderBound
      expressly forbids any of our clients from using BorderBound product to
      deliver unsolicited commercial email and unsolicited bulk email. The term 
      "commercial email" as used in this permission marketing policy does not
      include administrative email such as shipping notifications, employee 
      notices, notices required by regulation or law, invoices, account statements,
      and order confirmations. How does BorderBound avoid "spam"? Each client who
      uses BorderBound enters into a service agreement with BorderBound agreeing
      to comply with this permission marketing policy and all laws related to 
      unsolicited email ("spam"). BorderBound thoroughly investigates any complaint
      that a client is delivering unsolicited commercial email. BorderBound requires
      its clients to provide it with the opt-in information of the individual who 
      submitted a complaint of receiving unsolicited commercial email. This opt-in
      information includes, at a minimum, the name of the individual, the date & time
      the individual opted in, and the URL and Internet Protocol address of the
      machine that the individual opted in from. Reports of a client sending 
      unsolicited email may result in the suspension or termination of the client's
      access to BorderBound's services. How does BorderBound protect your privacy?
      BorderBound employs strict security measures to protect against the loss,
      misuse, and alteration of data placed on the BorderBound network. For additional
      details, review our Privacy Policy. How can you stop a company from sending you
      more email? All commercial email sent using BorderBound must include clear 
      instructions on how the recipient can unsubscribe from receiving future
      commercial email. BorderBound understands that many illegitimate online
      marketers use unsubscribe links to verify whether an email address is valid,
      but BorderBound does not allow the delivery of unsolicited commercial email
      through its network. Therefore, if you follow the unsubscribe instructions in
      the email, BorderBound will work with the client to make sure that you do not
      receive future email. If you have difficulty unsubscribing from a client's email
      campaigns using the instructions provided in the email, or if you have questions
      regarding the opt-out mechanism or would like to receive additional information
      about BorderBound or our services, please contact BorderBound at    
      Have any comments on our permission marketing policy? Please send your suggestions 
      on how BorderBound can improve this policy to comments@borderbound.net. 
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